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1993 - Local Law #3 - Local Law Amending Property Maintenance

A LOCAL LAW WHICH AMENDS THE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE LOCAL LAW #3 OF 1990. LOCAL LAW TWO OF 1993. Whereas, the Board of Trustees has reviewed the provisions of Local Law #3 of 1990 and desires to amend that portion of the Local Law which defines "vehicles" in order to clarify the circumstances in which the storage of vehicles would violate the provisions of the local law, and Whereas, the proposed changes in the definition of "Inoperable vehicles" are designed to increase the scope of the term "vehicles" and redefines inoperable to include a vehicle stored outside, which has not been used for more than six months, but excepts the seasonal storage of vehicles. Be it enacted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Herkimer, that the Property Maintenance Law, Local Law #3 of 1990 is hereby amended as follows: Section 1: 9 A (10) of Local Law #3 of 1990 is hereby repealed. Section 2: A new 9 A (10) of said Local Law, the Property Maintenance Law, is adopted and enacted as follows: 9 A (10) Inoperable vehicles: includes a vehicle or parts thereof, including, but not limited to an automobile, truck, all-terrain vehicle, boat, trailer, work equipment, motorized or not, regardless of whether the same is licensed or registered, which vehicle or parts thereof are or have been abandoned, or not used for more than six months, or are dismantled, or in a state of visible disrepair. Nothing herein shall be interpreted to prohibit the seasonal storage of a vehicle, boat, trailer, or equipment, provided such seasonal storage does not exceed one year or the vehicle, boat, trailer, or equipment is in operable condition, such that the same can be started and driven or operated for the purpose intended. Section 3: This Local Law shall the effect immediately. By Trustee: Burdick Second: Hartman AYES: ALL NAYS: NONE